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Monday, May 18, 2015

20% time as a whole

20% time has been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot about how much I love to invent. I have learned more about things I didn't expect to learn like best ways for business planning and how to make a base recipe. The 20% time project has been my favorite project I have ever done and is the most memorable one by far. This project kept me excited this whole year.
The one thing I didn't like was the TED talk. It was nerve racking and I felt like I didn't get my full message across because of this. I hope they don't grade us on how well we can talk because I had a good talk planned but I skipped over stuff because I was nervous because I am awkward at talking so I hope that the fact that I am an awkward talker doesn't dent my grade. Although I do not like the TED talks the 20% time as a whole was an awesome experience and every kid should get the opportunity I have had these past few months.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ted Talk Planning

First of all a TED talk is when you come up in front of your team and give a presentation about your project. This past week I have been working on it. The main thing that I haven't talked about is how it started. IT started from one morning I had a problem choosing between waffles or pancakes and I though why not both so I made the best to solve problem solved both.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

55 and sold

Last night I made 55 Panaffles but it was a pain to make all of them. To many of different flavor a and so many Oreo Panaffles and so much icing it was just too much. But I learned from my mistake. If I have time which I probably won't to do another I would most likely make a set amount probably all Oreo because everyone likes those and sell the set amount I want to make. But it was good to learn from my mistake that I underestimated how much money these kids have.

Friday, April 24, 2015


I have made 36$ so far from selling the Panaffles. Next week I am expecting a few more orders so yay money. Next Wednesday is when Make them and I'll see how it goes hopefully good but we'll see. The main issue that will probably happen is finding out how to distribute batter and how much batter to make but the order forms getting in and exchange has been successful. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Order forms

Above is a Picture of my order form for the Panaffles. 

I will probably start taking orders this Friday at the earliest but probably the following Friday. I hope to make at least 10-20 $ a week and I think that is possible. If I don't make enough sales I will lower their prices but I think enough kids like them to make a business. The Panaffles are going to be open to Harmony at first and  maybe always but I hope to open up to selling them to more teams.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Frozen sales

All they flavors are made so I need a business plan now. I want to sell some frozen but they might not have the toppings which are a big part. Although that's probably the most reasonable thing to do. Making them at school  is impossible and people are to lazy to go to  bake sale so frozen is probably the best option. I will take orders and sell them at lunch if I am able to. Comment if you have any better ideas.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Today was test day! The hardest thing was the measurements but I worked my way through that. The crowd favorite was Oreo with toppings and original without toppings. All the ratings are in the pictures above. My personal favorite is probably the Oreo also. My next project to do is marketing them and making a business plan. But the taste test got me some potential customers which is also good. But this just helped me get experience with splitting the batter and making sure people like the all the flavors.